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The Lost

and Found​

Feeling like a tired cliché, Jade leaves Los Angeles with her trust shattered, her engagement off and her blues packed in her suitcase. Breaking down in Arizona was not part of the plan, but an invitation from a kind stranger introduces her to an eclectic cast of characters whose home and hearts will change Jade’s life in ways she could have never imagined. 


Their home, a ranch known as The Lost and Found, is filled with family and friends of 12-year old Lilly, the last of multiple personalities to be integrated back into Diana, a beautiful, yet broken 58-year old woman. The ranch residents, each with a story of their own, have created a safe haven for Lilly until she is ready to let go and allow Diana to reclaim her life.  

This heartwarming tale invites the reader into a world where each page brings thoughtful reflection, unique adventures, reminders that healing can be found in the most unexpected places and the desire to read "just one more chapter” before putting the book down.

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