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I picked up your book at the my local Tucson library on a whim. I am so happy I did. The best, most heart-filled book that I have read in a long time. And yes, I want to live at "the Lost and Found" ranch as well. Not because I am broken, but because I am human. Thank you, thank you! - S. Beach


Just finished your book and loved it. Keep on writing and I look forward to your next book.  - Tammy S.  


* * * * * 5 stars! Absolutely loved this, your first novel! Loved each character especially Lilly, and her relationship with Jade. You did an awesome job of bringing each character to life. Jami, you definitely should write another, a sequel or two or three!  - Deb E.


Ok. You made me cry!  Several times! I LOVED it.

I haven’t read a book in a long time. I just haven’t taken the time for myself but found this really healing for me too. I started it because my friend wrote it. I finished it because I cared about the characters you brought to life. 

Congrats on a great book. Can’t wait to read your next one! - Deb T.  


I spent the day reading your book. I. Wow. Ferklempt? Just wow. I burst into tears at least five times. I’m exhausted in a good way. Beautiful. One of those books I’m sad to have finished. I’ll miss them. Wow! - Stephanie R. 


Jami, I just finished your beautiful book. My heart is so full of emotions for your "character children". But more so, with pride for what you have accomplished.

- Cindy B.


This is one of the few books I have read that has left me riveted. Beautifully written and a wonderful read. - Sharon B.


A story of loss, hope and redemption with characters so true and authentic, you find yourself hoping for a sequel when you turn the last page because you want to find out what the next chapter in their lives will bring.  Hunker down at the beach or next to the fireplace as you immerse yourself at the “ranch” which you desperately wish was real so you could stay a while. - Gail G.



Thank you so much for writing it. What started out for me as "previewing the book", turned into a serious-sit-down-and-read from beginning to end, with ideas popping into my brain about great topics for discussion in a book club, or in a classroom, or just with one's own self.

I don't dog-ear, but I do use post-it notes.  There were so many elements worthy of discussion. I used a lot of post-its!!!

I love the chapter names.

The foreshadowing.

The tension and the release.

"The everything".

You grabbed me and you kept me.

And I thank you for the experience!

- Maxine M.


The characters in this book grabbed me right away and made me want to be a part of their community. I read the book wanting to live at The Lost and Found. I loved the strong relationships that were built between the different characters. The story has stuck with me since I read it. It’s one of those books that you want to go back and read again because you want to visit with the friends you made the first time around! - Ori G.


My journey into the pages of "The Lost & Found" was amazing. Not only did I enjoy the story and the characters, but also your descriptions of everyday life in Tucson.

In all the characters, I could see the beauty of who they are, even though most of the characters had endured unspeakable pain. Learning how to survive and thrive is almost impossible without loving support from others. 

I will carry the book within my heart, soul and memory for all time. Thank you for this amazing gift! Tucson magic comes for the people and community. Your writing is awesome. - Teresa M. 


Jami Gan's book is a delightful story of recovery that, in its lightness, borders on religious experience. The classic tale of the wounded person leaving the world to heal themselves and return to life anew is here woven with the hopscotch of childhood games, rosy-cheeked grandmotherly wisdom, and a literal barn house of fun—and, of course, romance. That self-discovery comes from the unlikeliest of places is here affirmed with a resounding triumph of the human spirit, that it may ever seek out those dark nooks, turn over every rock. But above all, this parable—losing yourself to find it again—whistles with the joy of knowing it to be, in the end, the journey for all of us, and that our only job is to follow our light, even if it leads a city girl right into the chaos of a chicken coop.  - Dorian R.

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