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Author’s Notes
Author’s Note # 1

I did not write this book in chronological order. In fact, I did not write this in anything remotely resembling any kind of order. (I do not recommend this for many reasons.) And, as I have begun to write my story, along the way I have found that I want to explain to you, dear reader, why I am writing what I am. Or a new thought about what it is I am doing. I feel inspired to explain or elaborate. This is all so new to me. Writing instead of reading. So I have taken the liberty of assuming you care and are interested in the comings and goings in my head. And so, I will call these my author’s notes.

Author’s Note # 2

It has been said that every writer’s first book is a semi-autobiography. I have to say that I have found this to be true. And with this autobiography comes a snippet of ego, a smidge of confession, a dash of hopes and dreams, a heap of imagination and a helluva lot of pages taken from the days in my life.

Author’s Note # 3

Sometimes, when you “wear other hats” these other things can keep you away from writing. I don’t like that. I’m beginning to miss my story when I have to leave it for a while. It’s like a child. You can miss them so much that when you reunite, you breathe in life again.

Author’s Note # 4

I wonder if other authors see their story as a living thing. Do they see the blended rich colors of a sunset? The button missing from a shirt? Do they hear the pain in her voice or the sound of the waves? Can they taste the dinner on the page in front of them? Or feel the soft downy fur of a puppy? I do. I have from the beginning.

Author’s Note # 5

Ever since I got into a steady groove with my writing, I noticed something different about myself as a reader. I’ve noticed (with ego, I concede) that I now read as a writer. This surprised me. It’s not that I’m more critical. I feel more of a kinship with the writer. Like we are peers. (see earlier ego concession.) I recognize more. I sympathize more. And I’m sometimes jealous that I did not find the words first.

Author’s Note # 6

I remember reading certain books that had a line or a paragraph that inspired or had characters that I would actually want to meet or wishing the story continued. I stop sometimes and wonder if my words will make any of you wish those things.

Author’s Note # 7

Sometimes, I prefer my story world to the real world. Seriously. There have been more than a few times that I wish I could have run away to the Lost and Found.

Author’s Note # 8

It’s not writer’s block. At least I don’t think so. It’s when you find that you are running on fumes. You think that you have nothing left and worry that it will be a long time until you do. You wait a bit and soon you find that there is more. It replenished somehow. It’s weird.

Author’s Note # 9

I realize that while writing this story for you, I have developed a real relationship with my book. It is a deep and devoted one an just like all relationships, we have our ups and downs. There are days when my efforts are unproductive and insignificant. Just as I am sure that there are days when my story is disappointed with me. I am hoping that with a little more effort, attention and maybe dinner and a movie, we can work this out and get this done!

Author’s Note # 10

Well, there it is. I hope you enjoyed it. That would be good. Or at least I hope I made you feel something. Leaving an imprint would be grand but I would settle for a thumb’s up. I’m going to miss you dear reader. I have spent decades thinking of you and it will be odd not talking to you through my keyboard anymore. I gotta tell you, this was one of the hardest things I’ve done.

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