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Word Doodles

I am trying.

Like old tired legs

struggling to get anywhere

Words bubbling up

But I can't arrange them

to decorate my thoughts

They fill me with dread being stuck like that

I am trying

Like spinning wheels

and no road to grip

Round and round with no distance to show

Going going nowhere

inspirations abound

Making the words swirl

But no place to put them

No poem to call home



I see it.  I can’t remember when I didn’t.

The time, written on my hands, like my mother’s.

They were always like hers.  Even when I was decades ago.

But I’ve grown up into them.  They now fit my number.

I see them every time I bake.

Every Friday I light Shabbos candles.

Every time I hold others.

No need for other reminders.

I carry mine in my hands.

I see it.  And I remember.


Somewhere somebody's child died tonight.

Not here.

Not mine.

Thank God.

We were supposed to make it better

Supposed to make it right

Celebrate the difference

Not arm it for the fight

No shots that rob youth

Or blasts that steal souls.

No taking from the other

what we thought makes us whole

Left with just words

Filled with regret

that we've not found a better way

To disagree

And argue

Who's right.

Somewhere somebody's child died tonight.


do you want to dance?

we can go far away

for just a few moments

we’ll go wherever you say

we can forget everything else

just live in the beat

get lost in our selves

just follow my feet


our bodies know to move

to the rhythm of what’s in the air

our hearts beating to the same groove

harmony carrying us anywhere

do you want to dance?

just live in the beat

get lost is our selves

just follow my feet


Outside they celebrate craziness

Inside they're watching the news

The boardwalk is planning their blast

While the T.V. is filled with the blues

Another black man gets shot while a plane crashed in Peru

The earth is slowly dying while the Pope has a bout with the flu

A flood of blasters

A flood of disasters

What's real?

What is ?

What's not?

Hoops and calls

Wall Street falls

What's right?

What's wrong?

What's not?


The Weekend

It's the weekend again which brings along

My habitual right to his company

The guaranteed hours I've grown to expect

The hollow days in between

Weekly futures of wanting and waiting


A greeting

A touch.

His callous hands my only hint to where he spends other time.


Now and then

the door is left unlocked

and she ventures out from her world

to face all that she has forgot

she knows the visit will haunt her

always delivering her pain

but she prefers this to her emptiness

so she steps over the threshold again.

Instinctively reaching up to the sky

To make sure the sun is still there

The warmth begins to thaw her soul

Her staleness melts away

And she begins to see it clearly

All that she lacks

It's everywhere

She asks what does nothing and everything add up to?

The answer is always the same.

"Not enough" comes the echo

"Not enough"  spoke her pain

of once upon a times that never came true

and treasures of wishes spent.

One last wish she should have saved

To share with her former self

that hope doesn't create life

It only feeds it once it's made.

Not to spoil her reunion with all that could have been

She waits until she's behind her door

To scream "Life's killing me"

and she is alone again.


A friend of God lived down the street from me

I know because I knew him well.

With a God sent voice and a heart that comforts

he made you more whole by breathing his air.

He could take you places with his song that you never wanted to leave

And he could bring you comfort with his answers that answered every question.

A friend of God lived down the street from me

I know because I knew him well.


My first Masterpiece

I remember like it was yesterday

The pain of letting you go

Knowing I would have to now share you with the world

But I wanted to keep you inside forever

Untouched by anything but our love and hopes and dreams.

But love and hopes and dreams need to breathe.

So I cut the tether and let you go

so all the world could see

My first masterpiece



Navigating training wheel adventures and

Let's make a deal friendships.

Finally soaring and finding your way.

Growing to want keys to freedom rides and fairy tale love

And finally learning the rules to protect yourself from both

Moving on and letting go

Sometimes returning but just for a bit

Each time a bigger fuller self

Made from failures and growing and

Stretching and goodness.

And we never stop holding our breath

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