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Author Biography

First-time author Jami Ober Gan was raised in Tucson, Arizona and attended the University of Arizona, graduating in 1981 with a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education. After teaching or consulting in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson for 26 years, she retired and became more involved in community organizations and volunteer opportunities. She has dabbled, for years, in both creative writing and glass and pottery works. Jami finds both of these creative outlets to be very therapeutic. With encouragement from friends and family, both of these hobbies took on a greater role and the glass and pottery works turned into a small business endeavor and the writing, ultimately, brought you here, to this very page. Jami loves Tucson, which she still considers to be a giant village, a great part of it’s charm, and enjoys the inspiration and comfort that the southwest desert landscape and Arizona sunsets provide. Currently, Jami is still living in Tucson, Arizona with her dog, Owen (or Owen Walden, if he is having a bad day!) She still does glass and pottery works, word doodles and volunteers.

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